About Us

Saada Learning Computer Courses provides you with comprehensive IT training! We give you the best teachers and resources to learn the IT field of your choice! We make sure that our students get the best theoretical and hands-on training in the courses that they take with us!

Let people with passion train you for your IT needs and challenges! It may be a Smartphone usage training for your office staff, a web-building tutorial to skill-hike your employees skillset', an in-house PC Repair training session for your IT or not-so-IT-savvy staff or to get to know those IT network terms and meshes, we at InfoRange IT are there to share highly valuable skills with you and your team! Ask us for details and we'll be more than excited to work with you! Train with InfoRange IT and live the life of a Pro! Investing to train your team is one of the greatest and profitable, risk-free investments. Every minute that you spend with our training will pay off. We offer a variety of training options. Contact us for a free evaluation session!